Oelke Construction’s top priority is SAFETY  

Accidents are a detriment to the entire construction process as well as to the employee and their family.

We will do everything in our power to ensure a safe work environment because we are serious about prevention and avoidance of accidents.

Implementation of thorough planning, safety education meetings, and methodical execution help prevent Oelke Construction job-site accidents.

Our desire is for our employees and our customers to experience a safe and pleasant project experience unmarred by preventable accidents.

Oelke Construction has taken measures to ensure the safety of not only our employees but also the subcontractors on our job sites.

A monthly letter is sent to subcontractors to ensure they are having safety meetings.  We also have weekly toolbox talks given on our job sites by superintendents.

Oelke Construction also has safety training every Friday morning for Project Managers and Superintendents to ensure we are all current on safety protocols.

Our job sites receive scheduled and unannounced inspections by a third-party Safety & HR consultant.

Keeping the accident rate low allows productivity to remain at optimum level. As a result your project schedule will not alter due to an unsafe work environment.

Oelke Construction Company is 7 years accident free.

2011-2018: Current EMR is 0.81


To request a copy of our written safety programs please email us through our contact page.