Our History



Oelke construction brothers was started in the 1950's by my father and his brothers in Fondulac, Wisconsin. He learned the trade for several years at his construction company. When my family moved from Wisconsin to Oklahoma my dad acquired a job at Crossland Construction, becoming their first super intendent .When I became old enough I started spending most of my time on the job sites during my summer and winter breaks. By the eighth grade I was a full time employee growing my understanding of what goes on in a jobsite. My younger brother and I learned all of the trades of construction and how to construct a building the right way. After expanding my knowledge at Pittsburg State University I made my way up from general labor to vice president. After learning all the inside and outs of the construction industry I decided to start my own company. Oelke Construction is a local company based in Northwest Arkansas and for over eight years now we have been growing relationships with our community, clients, schools, and cities. With a great team behind us we have grown from a million dollar revenue a year to over twenty million. Our perfect project size is: $250,000-$2,500,000. Our goal for any project is safety, build quality, meeting the owner's needs, and building a relationships with clients that will last. Oelke Construction is a part of the Associated Builders and Contractors which defends the principles of the construction industry. 

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